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Candy B – Product features

Main Product Features:

1. Enhances Penis Hardness
2. Penis enlargement growth
3. Delay ejaculation for longer excitement
4. Conditions male hormones to enhance masculinity in men
5. Promotes blood circulation
6. Lowers cholesterol
7. Reduces blood pressure problems
8. Prevents diabetes
9. Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease
10. Prevents arthritis and rheumatism
11. Improves fertility
13. Regulates liver, kidney, and lung function
14. Boosts immunity
15. Improves memory
16. Improves cognition

Product information>> Ingredients, Main features, Package Content, Dosage, Use, price, and free shipping
product information

Ingredients:  Soy lecithin, Orange essence, Maca, Tribulus, Chinese wolfberry, and Tribulus arvensis

Main features;  The main features include erectile dysfunction, blood circulation, and increased physical and mental strength

Additional feature;

1. Candy B + Complex offers both aphrodisiac benefits as well as health benefits for men.

2. It can provide you with the necessary health benefits just by taking this supplement.

3.Furthermore, Candy + B Complex not only provides aphrodisiac effects but also helps prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis as well as improves the three highs (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol).

Package Content: There are 12 packages per box, each containing 2000mg of product (tablet form)

Candy b Dosage:

In the 50-plus age group: take one tablet every three days
In the under-50 age group: take one tablet every four days.
Use of candy b;
On the day of consumption, drink plenty of water (3Liters per day) before taking Candy B.
Avoid coffee or tea within 2 hours of consuming Candy B.
Avoid caffeine consumption within 2 hours of consuming Candy B.

Price of candy b;

1 box of candies = $40
2 box of candies = $70 (Saved up to $10)
3 box of candies = $105 (Saved up to $15)
4 box to 10 box= $5 per box(saved up to $40)
11 to 30 box = saved up to $30 per box
31 to 100 box = Saved up to $28 per box

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